Custom Cabinets

Our custom cabinetry defines itself with our distinct quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail and understanding of fine woodworking.  Every  job is taken with the perspective that it is a one of a kind project that will represent the superior quality of our cabinetry.

Our durable finishes are applied by expert finishers in a controled environment to insure a clean and consistant finish thoughout your project. We can match old finishes or create a completely new color and style that fits your homes design patterns.  There is no limit to your choices of color, distress, glaze, antique, gloss or texture that we haven’t been able to achieve.

Unique is what we look forward to at I&C.  It presents a challange to us that makes our shop exciting and enjoyable to work at. It keeps our minds open to the different tastes and styles of each customers project.